Finds of the week! Aka: The Weekly Haul

´┐╝´┐╝Finding deals can be enthralling, sometimes the prospects can lead you to impulsive buys. A good way to check an item’s value is to search for it on eBay, go to ‘advanced’ at the top right and check off the sold button. This will show you the completed auctions for that item. Speaking of deals, today I couldn’t resist heading to my local Goodwill. Being in a somewhat economically depressed town there aren’t a lot of gems to be found there although i do ok with dress shirts there. Maybe it’s because nobody that goes there has a job. Apparenltly they are having a sale there tomorrow for $2 dress shirts. I saw one or two I want, hopefully they are there by the time I’m finished school tomorrow. That’s the only time you can really make money flipping used clothing is on the sale days otherwise Goodwill merchandise is priced quite high for what (most of it) is.

I almost forgot to mention I also found a pair of boys ice hockey skates by CCM for $10.They need some new laces and a Mr.Clean Magic Eraser but once I do that I should be able to get about $60 for them. I sourced the laces from, they are $4 with free shipping and already on their way,